CHARACTER BREAKDOWN                  

RESI: (age mid 20's): Mezzo-Soprano-Belter (D-3 to (F5). Female.  European Descent. 
A poised, hardworking, kind, and classically beautiful woman who can be a bit moody. Dominated by anxiety, shame and quilt, she is guarded, struggles with boundaries, and questions her sexuality. From East Lyme, CT, she is also a vegetarian.

BRANDI: (age mid 20's): Mezzo-Soprano. Female. All Ethnicities.  
A confident, sassy, strong, introspective, somewhat of a badass, young woman who falls in-love with Resi.

BOSSTEN: (age early 50's): Baritone. Male. European Descent. 
Hardworking, direct, and a bit arrogant. Emotionally-unavailable, he can be sharp-tongued and awkward. He uses humor when he feels uncomfortable. Married to Brogan. Father to Resi.

BROGAN: (age early 40's): Mezzo-Soprano. Female. European Descent. 
An intelligent, witty, bold, sarcastic, and loving mother.  Experiencing cognitive dissonance, she is suffering in silence, and dominated by anxiety and suicidal ideations. Married to Bossten. Mother to Resi.

DEVON:  (age early 50's): Alto - Belter. Female. All Ethnicities. 
A brazen, sarcastic, confident, and brutally honest, she doesn’t have much of a filter. The gatekeeper of Social Dimensions, she knows the ins and outs of the company and its people. She enjoys marijuana and most people.

LUKE LISPEN: (age late 20's): Tenor. Male. All Ethnicities. 
Manipulative, alluring, and sure of himself. A sexy, arrogant, pompous narcissist who will exploit any circumstance to gain immediate advantage over anything that will benefit him. 

YOUNG RESI: (age 14): Mezzo-Soprano. Female. European Descent. 
Determined, inquisitive, enthusiastic, and energetic. A sweetheart, she is full of kindness and love.

SAMANTHA:  (age 40-45): Mezzo-Soprano. Female. Latin Descent. 
A sexy, self-assured, lawyer, & lesbian.  ALSO: Police Officer & Client#1.

DR. NOZLOT, [FEATURED/ENS.] (age 70+): CHORUS. Male. All Ethnicities.
Brogan's Psychiatrist. As a "Reality Therapist," his therapeutic approach is grounded in "Choice Theory."
ALSO: Frankie, a grumpy employee & Physician.

MALOREE:  (age 18-21): CHORUS. Female. All Ethnicities. 
A physically fit, petite, fashioned challenged, intern with anxieties who can be a bit annoying.
ALSO: Announcer, & Client#2.